Welcome to Rowax

Rowax Global has been established in 2014 in Ploiesti with a state-of-the-art plant. Plant is one of the highest capacity paraffin plants in Romania. It occupies 33.000 m2 land where 5.000 m2 is in closed area. Plant has nameplate capacity of 40.000 MT/year.

High quality and consistent output through the plant is well appreciated by the industry in Romania and surrounding countries. Rowax Global has strong bonds to MDF, HDF and chipboard industry. Not only wood industry but also candle, paper, textile, construction, coating and medical industries successfully consume Rowax Global products.

Besides the manufacturing activity, we source a broad range of chemical products through our trading activity. We provide full range of raw materials for detergents and cosmetics manufacturers. Our products are served at a reasonable prices with no compromise of quality. We highly contribute to our customers’ manufacturing processes with our long time experience, R&D facilities and regular door-to-door deliveries.