Detergents and Cosmetics

We provide full range of raw materials for detergents and cosmetics manufacturers. Our products are served at a reasonable prices with no compromise of quality. We highly contribute to our customers’ manufacturing processes with our long time experience, R&D facilities and regular door-to-door deliveries.
Our R&D department serves our customers for innovative formula development, process optimization, stability tests, CTI tests and challenge test and more. We have a dedicated team of R&D people, always in service for our customers.
Our sister company Cosmer keeps high level of stock for short time delivery of orders to our customers. Our warehouse in Istanbul consist of 6.000 m2 space, well equipped and conditioned. We have weekly delivery schedule from Istanbul to our customers in Romania.
- Active Ingredients
- Preservatives
- Green Issue
- Essences
- Color and Pearl Pigments
- Herbal Extracts
- Herbal Oils
- Emulsifiers
- General Chemicals
- Thickeners
- Conditioners
- Vaseline and Paraffine
- Solvents
- UV Filters
- Moisturizers, Silicones
- Surfactants