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Paraffin is a material that is widely used primarily being in candle sector, in wood,
paper, construction, agriculture, coating physical therapy, medicine and cosmetic
sector. Since paraffin, due to its own chemical structure, is water repellent and
has inert qualification, it is often used as water repellent agent in applications where
water is not wanted or creates negative effects. Also since paraffin behaves like an
insulation material since its thermal conductivity is low as per its structure, it is
often used in coating, physical therapy, cosmetics and medical fields.
Paraffin, in general obtained as a side product from refinement of crude oil, after it
is purified with special techniques and its oil ratio, freezing point, color and its smell is
improved, becomes ready for use. Paraffin, generally between 45°C and 72°C melting
point and with 1 % to 35% oil content in various features and crystal structures are
being produced by Rowax and presented for the use of our customers.



RWXPR 3-5 42-44 43-45 30+ Personal Care, Glass Candle, Coating 
RWXR1 0,8-2 60-62 61-63 30+ Candle, Cosmetic, Textile 
RWXR3 2-4 57-60 58-61 27-30+ Candle, Cosmetic, Textile 
RWXR5 3-5 52-56 53-57 27-30+ T-light, Candle, Paper, Leather
RWXG2 1-2 72-74 73-75 25-30 Church Candle, Tire 
RWXG4 2-5 66-70 67-71 24-28 Church Candle, Tire
RWXW1 0,8-2 51-53 52-54 +30 Personal Care, Glass Candle, Coating 
RWXW3 2-4 49-52 50-52 +30 Personal Care, Glass Candle, Coating
RWXW5 3-5 47-49 48-50 +30 Personal Care, Glass Candle, Coating 
RWXT1 0,8-2 57-60 58-61 +30 Candle, Cosmetic, Textile
RWXT3 2-4 53-56 54-57 +30 Candle, Cosmetic, Textile 
RWXT5 3-5 50-53 51-54 +30 T-light, Candle, Paper 
RWXHR10 20-30 60-63 61-62 +30 Wood Industry, Match 
RWXLR10 7-15 50-54 51-55 Max-16 Candle, Wood Industry, Paper, Construction
RWXBR 3-5 72-74 73-75 Max-16 Epilating, Petroleum Jelly